Slovakia (The Slovak Republic)
... a land in the heart of Europe
Slovakia - a country of mountains, castles and thousands of caverns, rich in natural beauty and historical treasures, a country in the very heart of Europe.

01. Malá Fatra with Veľký Rozsutec.
02. The lonely giant - a tree in the fog.
03. The cross on edge of the road - a typical central-European motive.
04. "Our daily bread"…
05. Small child from the "Gypsy village" Jarovnice.
06. Folklore Festivities in Terchová.
07. The fruits of the autumn.
08. The big cross on the cemetery.
09. Malá Fatra - Malý Rozsutec.
10. The Ghotic church in Žehra.
11. The girl from Lendak.
12. Haevenly play over the glowing horizon in summer.
13. The man who makes bells for cattle.
14. The sunflower - a queen of the summerfields.
15. The eternal rain in Demänovská cavern.
16. In the "Gipsy village" Víťaz.
17. Two beauty in the poppyfield.
18. The mountains Vysoké Tatry after the rain.
19. A small boy from Jarovnice.
20. A small boy from Jarovnice.
21. The ghotic gate in Súľovské Skaly.
22. The aragonit cave in Ochtiná.
23. Vysoké Tatry.
24. On the road through south Slovakia.
25. Kremnické Bane - the geographical centre of Europe.
26. The waterfall in Horné Diery in Malá Fatra.
27. The natural beauty of Súľovské Skaly.
28. The man from the "Gypsy village" Rychnava.
29. The Gombasek cave.
30. The praying monk in Malá Fatra.
31. Vlkolínec.
32. The filds of……..
33. Čičmany.
34. The girl from Zázrivá.
35. Žehra.
36. The fruit of the earth and the man's work (bread)
37. Čičmany
38. Vysoké Tatry.
39. The girl from Jarovnice.
40. Small gypsy from Jarovnice.
41. Kremnica.
42. The autumn vineyard in south of Slovakia.
43. The cave Gombasek.
44. Morning in the forest.
45. The castle in Bratislava.
46. Ready to serve.
47. Old lady from Zázrivá.
48. The gypsy children from Víťaz.
49. Vysoké Tatry.
50. Vysoké Tatry - in the background the Polish ridge.
51. Wheatfields.
52. The gypsyman from Rychnava.
53. Vysoké Tatry.
54. Vysoké Tatry.
55. Malá Fatra - Malý Rozsutec.
56. The cathedral of Saint Martin in Bratislava.
57. Vysoké Tatry.
58. The ridges of Malá Fatra.
59. Alehouse in Pezinok.
60. The castle Strečno.